Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 resolutions

While I am no Jonathan Edwards ( once again I sit down to make my resolutions for 2012 and look at my resolutions from last year in which I wanted to run the Chicago marathon and take a vitamin supplement daily. I finished the marathon, but cramped up and walked several miles resulting in a very slow time and 2 broken toe nails and I struggled with the supplements until I found gummy ones at Costco making it very easy, so what about this year?

1) I will be back in Chicago for the marathon in my attempt to run the race in 3 hours in 45 minutes.
2) Take my wife out on a date night at least once a month...I know, this should be automatic, but when you have a kid it is unbelievably hard.
3) Read "The Man Who was Chesterton" which is a collection of GK Chesterton's best books as Chesterton is an amazing writer that more people should discover.
4) At the end of each work day pray for each patient that I treated that day.

While it is not a resolution, I hope to pick up the blogging more as often I have thoughts rattling through my brain, I just don't write them down.

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